Our company offers Power and Energy Management services that focus on
enhancing power availability and reducing operational expenditure (OPEX) in
networks. Our services utilize scientific methods and digitization to study and
analyze network power performance, identifying areas that can be improved to
enhance power availability and reduce lost hours on site.
We provide a comprehensive program that aims to modernize and enhance network
power setup, resulting in decreased lost hours and lost revenue. Our team works
closely with clients to develop a list of sites that are contributing to lost hours,
creating a business case for investment and selecting sites based on their potential
impact on KPIs. We also prioritize implementation and provide risk analysis
management plans to ensure that business targets and KPIs are met.
In addition, we offer OPEX enhancement services that involve studying network
power topology, identifying weaknesses and opportunities, and creating a 3-5 year
road map for OPEX enhancement. We work with stakeholders to set yearly targets
and ensure that progress is on track. Our services also include reporting on monthly
progress to upper management.